Ask Sophie Goudreau, your premium Century 21 real estate agent, about the benefits of buying townhouses or condos for sale in Cornwall Ontario.
A. Buying townhouses or condos is less expansive than purchasing a single-family home. You get more for your bang in terms of space, quality and age compared to a single detached or even a semi in the same price range.
B. If purchasing a townhouse, You own the property and the land compared to when purchasing a condo, then you only own the unit.
C. Some townhouses-condos offer amenities such as gyms, pools, party rooms, parks access and more.
D. Most townhomes are located in urban developments, they are usually close to schools, shopping centers, public transportation and other amenities. If you live close to work, you will save much money.
E. Your neighbors are just walls apart, it will be easy to meet them since you are so close. You will have a lot of bonding time together. You must enjoy socializing being so close to neighbours, although, you can remain private.

F. Condo fees are not necessarily a bad thing if you enjoy the benefits they offer such as a retired couple not wanting to be bothered with maintenance of the property, condo fees could include such fees. But if the service is what you are looking for then it worth the expense. Or it may include cable, hydro or other types of utilities. Make sure the condo is in good standing and that your lawyer runs a thouroul check on the management to make sure the condo board allows some of the funds to

If you want to make sure that you invest in a great townhouses – condos for sale in Cornwall Ontario or surrounding areas, since there are enough of them for sale, click on the listings icon on the top of my website and go on the MLS search engine to help you zoom in on all inventory of townhouses – condos for sale and more, and select your preferred area and criteria. Call Sophie to help you with your search. She will guide through a step by step process.
If you are looking for a comfortable and affordable place to live, living in a townhouse or condo in Cornwall Ontario is definitely a good decision when considering quality vs price. Many baby boomers are making their first choice as their new home. Call Sophie Goudreau, a real-estate agent in Cornwall Ontario to assist you in this decision process…and let the magic begin!

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